Kelly MacDonald

Host of Kelly and Company on AMI Audio

Bean Gill

Miss Wheelchair Canada

The Arc, USA

Employment of People with Disabilities

Flying Fox Camp

Fun, positive social experiences in Australia

Safety at Home for the Vision Impaired

Things we take for granted around the house can be dangerous

Peter Slatin

Trains the hospitality sector disabilities

Christine Staple Ebanks

Special Needs Parent Advocate

Pankaj Pradhananga

Director of Four Season Travel & Tours, Nepal

Maria Town

President of the American Association of People with Disabilities

Achievement Learning Centre, Dominica

Leading by Example

Angela F. Williams

President and CEO of Easterseals USA

Beautiful Flowers by Gardens4Hope


Cultivating hope through gardening


Makes websites accessible

Mindy Scheier

Runway of Dreams

Broadstreet Media

Media by the deaf, for the deaf. Barbados.

Izzy Wheels

Decorative Wheelchair Covers

Maureen Webber

Parent Advocate, Jamaica


Where there is a wheel, there is a way.

Labels Are Not Needed

Michael + Albert, Saba Island Properties

Sailability Antigua

People with disabilities are given the opportunity to sail.

Nick Booth

CEO, True Patriot Love Foundation, Canada

Mrunmaiy Abroal

She is not defined by her disability

Nawal Benzaouia

Founder of Massiraa

Exploring Camps in Israel

Participants come from very diverse walks of life


There are multiple ways to define Ableism.

Tony Coelho

Co-Author of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Nic Novicki

Founder of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Marco Pasqua

A captivating speaker who happens to have a disability

Gabi & Jules

Inclusive Employer

The story of Jean ClaudeMbonigaba

He hopes for improvement in Rwanda for people with disabilities

Easterseals Employment Services

People with disabilities bring strengths to the workplace

Kervin Andre – Haitian Artist

Kervin André, Haitian ArtistKervin A Andre is a visual artist whose proud Haitian Heritage emanates from every brushstroke. He was born and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Kervin's talent was birthed amidst the beauty and splendor of the First Black Republic in the Americas. Throughout the years, this self-taught artist, has honed his skills and exercises his artistic talents through many mediums. Kervin's spent his formative years in Haiti and moved to Elizabeth NJ at the age of 15 with his family.It is these years that have shaped his deep appreciation for his culture and it's rich...

Ramblings of an Island Girl

Ramblings of an Island Girl A wake up call for the Caribbean (and the world)I recently visited Aruba and was amazed by the big steps the island has made towards protecting its unique and interesting eco-system and marine life. Aruba seems to be on the fast track to becoming one of the greenest and most eco-fabulous destinations in the Caribbean even though according to many locals there the island has yet a long way to go. But for me, coming from the former sister island to Aruba and fellow ex-colony of the Netherlands, St. Maarten, where single use plastic still reigns as king, I stand in...

BeYouTiful Exfoiliates

BeYouTiful Exfoiliates “Sunscreen application should start from early childhood and continue through adult life.” Sage advice from Binta, the creator of BeYouTiful Exfoiliates. Binta is an island girl originally from the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique located in the Eastern Caribbean, but has lived in the United States for over a decade. She is a wife, mom to two spirited little girls, a chemistry teacher, and entrepreneur. She is also bilingual and had the wonderful opportunity to teach Spanish for a year at a high school in her home country, and to assist with...

Aruba Life Organics

Aruba Life Organics Handcrafted Sustainable and Organic Makeup By Riselle Celestina   Have you ever wanted to wear your beauty products and be completely at ease that what you are applying to your skin is not only good for you but also not harmful to the environment? These days words like organic, eco-friendly and natural seem to be used by big name brands in the beauty and cosmetics department everywhere and it is no wonder. Most consumers are becoming more aware of what they apply to their skin and a percentage is also concerned about the possible waste or damage that they can create...

Responsible glamping at Aruba Airstream

Responsible Glamping on Aruba at the Aruba Airstream By Riselle CelestinaIt was a Wednesday afternoon when I drove up to this remote location on Aruba.  I followed the voice on my Google Maps until I reached the general area in which I had to be. I then pulled over to check the further directions from Katrin, the owner of the property. She is detailed and precise. Her directions come complete with photos and are totally lost-safe. As a female traveling alone, I truly appreciate that, especially when staying in an isolated location in the middle of Aruba’s wilderness.   I followed the...

9 Must-see spots in Antwerp, Belgium

9 Must-see spots in Antwerp, Belgium By Riselle Celestina   Antwerp. The mere mention of this Belgian city’s name fills me with excitement. I am a true island girl and the Caribbean will always be home but L’Anvers is the only place in Europe that has managed to capture a piece of my heart. The bigger, more beautiful (in my opinion) sister of Brussels gets its name from the Dutch words “Hand Werpen” which translates to hand throwing. I know, you’re probably asking yourself why a city would be called after hand throwing. As the folklore story of the city goes there once was a giant...

5 interesting facts about Venice

5 interesting  facts about Venice There are canals and boats, but no cars in Venice  The well-known cocktail, Bellini, was invented in Venice in 1948 Well-known trader and adventurer, Marco Polo, was born here By law, all gondolas must be black Venice Carnival with its ornate masks and outfits must be experienced at least once in your lifetime Images of stunning architecture, many canals and hundreds of gondolas follow thoughts of Venice, located in Italy’s north east. The city is actually 118 islands connected by bridges with canals in between. Its canals are busy places, with not only...

5 not-so-well-known places in Paris

3 days in Paris and 5 not-so-well-known places you must see By Riselle Celestina   The title of this story should be “Less than 3 days in Paris” because in actuality we only got to spend two full days in the city. This story is about love, survival and determination and you will see why in a bit. It all started when my husband and I saw an advertisement for tickets to Paris that were dirt-cheap. Travel obsessed that we both are, we jumped on the opportunity and bought the tickets not knowing that the island would be struck by one of the strongest hurricanes recorded just around the time...

Janeel Mills “In The Ghetto”

Janell Mills “In The Ghetto” Anthem AIms to Uplift and InspireCrafting her name for the past 3 years by singing background and performing on worldwide stages for such esteemed artists as Grammy nominated Julian Marley, Nadine Sutherland, Junior Kelly, George Nooks among other notable names, newcomer Janeel Mills has already made a meaningful impact with her debut single "In The Ghetto". Influenced by the Roots Reggae sounds of her beloved island, and the music, harmonies, melodies and sonancy of Dub, Jazz, R&B, pop and Hip Pop, Janeel style can be best described as Roots Reggae fused...

Cat Boland

Cat Boland - "Cold"A hypnotic voice, the perfect accompaniment to emotions laid bare through music. That’s Cat Boland, a singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. With her dreamy aesthetic, she gives listeners genre-fluid music that aims to capture the authentic female experience, providing comfort and empowerment to young women.  Cat always loved to sing and remembers being the one repeatedly selected by her Kindergarten teacher to sing solos. Her performances started in elementary school and for a while, Broadway was her target. Talking, singing, acting and dance lessons begun and an agent was...

Annagrazia Laura

President of  The European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT): “Our primary purpose is to make tourism accessible to everyone…”

Joshuanette Francis

She wants to publicly share her Osteoarthritis journey, which she does through her YouTube Channel, Joshuanette’s World.                          (Antigua & Barbuda)

Rebekah Bundesen

President of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality.            “Never devalue yourself” (USA)

Save the Youth Foundation

The work of a few benefits many (Curacao)

Vision-Enabling Spectacles

For the sight-impaired, there is an exciting prospect looming. (Israel)

Dr. Glenville Liburd, Caribbean CBR

Leading the discussions on disability issues in the Caribbean. (Nevis)

Mr. Keiji Kawahara

“Universal Designs benefit everyone.” (Japan)

Spotlight on the lives of two disability advocates

Judith Heumann & Fred Maahs, Jr. (USA)

Best Buddies

This program ensures that no one is left isolated. (USA)

Disability Advocacy in Antigua

A variety of outreach programs are undertaken year-round . . . (Antigua & Barbuda)


Maps and shares accessible features of public spaces. (USA)

Eli Meiri, Accessible Tour Guide, Israel4All

“Many people dream of travelling to Israel, a place of historical and religious significance.” Eli (Israel)

Accessible Metro Vancouver

Vancouver has embraced the concept of Universal Design. (Canada)

My Trip to Accessible Israel

“Israel is so much more accessible than you may imagine.” Fred Maahs, Jr.(USA)

Fully Accessible Barbados

Creating an accessible, inclusive island.(Barbados)

Accessible Japan

Mr. Hideto Kijima: Wheel chair users can navigate city streets with relative ease: (Japan)

Accessible Martinique

Noel Cicalini: The information source for everything accessible on the Caribbean island of Martinique


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