Kelly MacDonald

Host of Kelly and Company on AMI Audio

Bean Gill

Miss Wheelchair Canada

The Arc, USA

Employment of People with Disabilities

Flying Fox Camp

Fun, positive social experiences in Australia

Safety at Home for the Vision Impaired

Things we take for granted around the house can be dangerous

Peter Slatin

Trains the hospitality sector disabilities

Christine Staple Ebanks

Special Needs Parent Advocate

Pankaj Pradhananga

Director of Four Season Travel & Tours, Nepal

Maria Town

President of the American Association of People with Disabilities

Achievement Learning Centre, Dominica

Leading by Example

Angela F. Williams

President and CEO of Easterseals USA

Beautiful Flowers by Gardens4Hope


Cultivating hope through gardening


Makes websites accessible

Mindy Scheier

Runway of Dreams

Broadstreet Media

Media by the deaf, for the deaf. Barbados.

Izzy Wheels

Decorative Wheelchair Covers

Maureen Webber

Parent Advocate, Jamaica


Where there is a wheel, there is a way.

Labels Are Not Needed

Michael + Albert, Saba Island Properties

Sailability Antigua

People with disabilities are given the opportunity to sail.

Nick Booth

CEO, True Patriot Love Foundation, Canada

Mrunmaiy Abroal

She is not defined by her disability

Nawal Benzaouia

Founder of Massiraa

Exploring Camps in Israel

Participants come from very diverse walks of life


There are multiple ways to define Ableism.

Tony Coelho

Co-Author of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Nic Novicki

Founder of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Marco Pasqua

A captivating speaker who happens to have a disability

Gabi & Jules

Inclusive Employer

The story of Jean ClaudeMbonigaba

He hopes for improvement in Rwanda for people with disabilities

Easterseals Employment Services

People with disabilities bring strengths to the workplace

128 Canadian athletes head to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

128 Canadian Paralympians head to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic GamesThe Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will begin on August 24 and run through September 5. Canada will be competing in 18 sports in Tokyo: wheelchair basketball (23 athletes), Para swimming (19), Para athletics (16), wheelchair rugby (12), sitting volleyball (11), Para cycling (9), Para rowing (7), goalball (6), boccia (4), Para equestrian (4), Para triathlon (4), wheelchair fencing (4), Para canoe (3), Shooting Para sport (2), Para archery (1), Para badminton (1), Para judo (1), and wheelchair tennis (1). The oldest member of the team...

Project Dignity – A job. A purpose. Dignity restored.

Dignity Restored with Project DignityMr. Koh Seng ChoonExecutive DirectorIn Singapore and Hong Kong, Project Dignity returns dignity to the disabled and disadvantaged. In 2006, Engineer, Mr. Koh Seng Choon, desired to do something to improve the lives of people with special needs in Singapore. He conceptualized a social enterprise project aimed at providing an always-in-demand service to the public - people with disabilities will be the ones offering that service. His vision materialized in 2010 when Project Dignity was born. Vocation with passion. Paid on the job training, skills...

Patrick Mayer – Wheelblades

Patrick Mayer, Creator of Wheelblades “I decided to continue with my life and try to make the best of it”hen Patrick was nine years old, he already knew he wanted to be a professional snowboarder. His passion was freestyle snowboarding. At 17, he went to Tübingen (Germany) to attend a boarding school for sports in the Swiss mountains. His aptitude for the sport quickly elevated him to the elite of German freestyle snowboarding. In 2000, during a competition, he crashed, injuring his back. Emergency surgery quickly followed. The resulting diagnosis: he would need a wheelchair and walking aids...

Lilith Fury – Disabled plus size model and actress

Lilith Fury Horror actress, disabled plus size model, and body positivity activistLipedema diagnosis. Thank you kindly for your donation towards my surgeryBackground I am a gay, disabled, plus size indigenous and Latinx model, and actress. I got into horror at an early age because my family were brujas, we lived in a former funeral home, and horror movies were always in abundance. I was obsessed with all things spooky. That obsession has only grown.  Once I became an adult, I wanted to be as close to my favourite genre as possible, so to me, that meant getting into acting. I knew it didn't...

What should I say?

What should I say? Should I say ‘disabled person’ or a person with a disability?Author: Mary Ann McColl Professor, Queen's University, OntarioRecently, an Alberta woman with an obvious physical disability was asked to leave a grocery store and not come back because she could not pack her own groceries quickly enough. According to the report on CBC’s Go Public, the checkout clerk said she was slowing down the line as she struggled to bag her groceries, and the store said no staff were available to help her. Presumably, neither were other patrons. This story is consistent with what many...

Tali Maron – Blogger with a disability

Tali Maron Blogger with a disabilityI consider it to be invasive when people ask me about my disability Most people have the privilege of hiding their struggles. Could you imagine a world where every traumatic event a person went through would be visible to others and constantly addressed by strangers in social settings? "Oh, I am so sorry you lost your baby! How did it happen?" "It so sad your husband left you!  Are you seeing a therapist?" "You can't conceive? Let me pray for you!" "You have this illness? You are such an inspiration for not giving up!" Disability, in many cases, is tied to...

Ryan Lundy is making a difference

Ryan is making a differenceWhen Ryan was in middle school, he was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability (NVLD). Growing up, this neurological condition marked by academic and sometimes social difficulties resulted in many challenges.  He received occupational therapy and accommodations in the schools he attended, with assistance from many tutors, counselors, and academic advisors. “School was not easy for me,” Ryan said. “I got taken advantage of a lot and was bullied by kids. Many days I would come home and cry, thinking about why they were not including me.” Ryan got used to...

Kerryn Gunness – IT Instructor with a disability

Blind IT Instructor, “See me first as a person who is blind and not as a blind person.”Information Technology (IT) is his passion, and at his job with the Trinidad & Tobago Blind Welfare Association, Kerryn Gunness gets to do what he loves every day. He is an IT instructor, teaching the visually impaired how to use various forms of technology. Be it computers, mobile phones or tablets, Kerryn is the Assistive Technology expert on the team, teaching children and adults how their daily needs and activities can be enhanced by technology. He is sought out to test websites and apps for...

Kayzie Sutton – My Hidden Superpower

My Hidden Superpower: Dyslexia-ADHD I’m talking to her and she’s fidgeting. She’s talking and tapping away with that pencil. The orange-yellowish blur is driving me crazy and I want to grab her wrist to make it stop. Finally, it stops. Now I’m answering her and she’s looking at my left ear, then over to the right somewhere, then at her book, then back at me, then out the window…. My voice trails off because my brain tells me she’s bored; she’s stopped listening…..Well, maybe not. OK, what she’s saying makes sense. Maybe she WAS listening, after all, but really, she could at least TRY to...

Matthew Walzer – Disability Advocate

Matthew Walzer From writing an open letter to becoming a disability advocateBy Fred J. Maahs, Jr.I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Walzer a few years ago when he was being honored with a Catalyst Award at the Annual Convention for The Arc.  On that night, Matthew took the podium to be recognized for writing a letter to Nike.  But really, it was so much more than that.  You see, that night Matthew was being recognized for being a voice for the disability community and for changing a part of it forever. I remember Matthew being very pleasant and polite, with a wide, contagious smile and a...

Annagrazia Laura

President of  The European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT): “Our primary purpose is to make tourism accessible to everyone…”

Joshuanette Francis

She wants to publicly share her Osteoarthritis journey, which she does through her YouTube Channel, Joshuanette’s World.                          (Antigua & Barbuda)

Rebekah Bundesen

President of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality.            “Never devalue yourself” (USA)

Save the Youth Foundation

The work of a few benefits many (Curacao)

Vision-Enabling Spectacles

For the sight-impaired, there is an exciting prospect looming. (Israel)

Dr. Glenville Liburd, Caribbean CBR

Leading the discussions on disability issues in the Caribbean. (Nevis)

Mr. Keiji Kawahara

“Universal Designs benefit everyone.” (Japan)

Spotlight on the lives of two disability advocates

Judith Heumann & Fred Maahs, Jr. (USA)

Best Buddies

This program ensures that no one is left isolated. (USA)

Disability Advocacy in Antigua

A variety of outreach programs are undertaken year-round . . . (Antigua & Barbuda)


Maps and shares accessible features of public spaces. (USA)

Eli Meiri, Accessible Tour Guide, Israel4All

“Many people dream of travelling to Israel, a place of historical and religious significance.” Eli (Israel)

Accessible Metro Vancouver

Vancouver has embraced the concept of Universal Design. (Canada)

My Trip to Accessible Israel

“Israel is so much more accessible than you may imagine.” Fred Maahs, Jr.(USA)

Fully Accessible Barbados

Creating an accessible, inclusive island.(Barbados)

Accessible Japan

Mr. Hideto Kijima: Wheel chair users can navigate city streets with relative ease: (Japan)

Accessible Martinique

Noel Cicalini: The information source for everything accessible on the Caribbean island of Martinique


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